Cloud-based planning and performance management platform for every Business Area (sales, operations and finance)

Is it true that Quality only comes with Price?

No. Anaplan is a Tool which can deliver it all at lowest rates you can imagine, in a simplified streamlined way.

DPlanning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Modeling simplified for Sales, Operations, Finance modules. Anaplan is one of the best modeling and planning platform available on cloud which cuts down unnecessary infra costs and reduces implementation delays. It has In-memory processing and a patented HyperBlockTM Architecture. Both, building a new model or using a pre-defined one both comes in easy and handy for the business users. Collaborate and execute on plans across your company. API - intuitive user Import/Export and pre-built connectors for data integration. It has one of the simplest UI possible. Adjusting and updating Business Rules on the fly has never been this easy. Changes are reflected across in all connected plans and models seamlessly.

  • Implementation cycle takes not more than 1/10 of the time of existing competitor’s deployment time.
  • There’s no restriction, As the business/sector grows, the app grows too
  • Building new business models is simplified to increase efficiency
  • Online platform that delivers Ready-to-go Apps which are designed to work together
  • Provides flexible and affordable solution for spreadsheet forecasting
  • All apps on Cloud, with personal workspace
  • Analytics features including dashboards, charts, PDF generation and a tightly integrated MS XLS
  • Accuracy of your data, reports, forecasts and plans will be in its highest form.
  • Time wasted on millions of spreadsheets is reduced.
  • No need of technical experts, masters for upgrades/changes
  • No special software/hardware needed. All you need is an internet connected device
  • Fully supported from any mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows)


Budgeting, forecasting, cash flow forecast, HR planning, liquidity planning, long term strategic planning etc.


Project planning, Demand planning, site/plot planning etc.


Sales forecasting, territory planning, quota planning, commission calculations, trade & promotions etc.


Connecting Finance with Operations

Anaplan for Finance brings a fresh methodology to financial planning and analytics (FP&A). The rapidly deployable, flexible, easy-access platform delivers short time to value for the business user. Immediately leverage familiar business syntax, drag-and-drop hierarchies, and built-in logic for time, versions, and scenarios. Be assured that data and plans are telling a consistent story results are mapping to projections and business decisions and supporting strategic priorities. Run scenarios on the fly for complex variables, disruption and ambiguity. Rapidly react to changing dynamics and deliver immediate business value with models, plans and forecasts built to any level of granularity and dimension.



  • Effortlessly model currency, rates, tax, depreciation and other financial drivers.
  • Trial scenarios based on varying projections of operational performance.
  • Comprehend impact of investments company financials.


  • Manage intricate organization hierarchies from different perspectives at ease.
  • Examine impact of re-organization consequences on key metrics in seconds.
  • Align workforces with strategic and operational goals.
  • Collaborate more efficiently with business leaders about staffing decisions.


  • Spend less time squabbling data and more time finalizing analysis.
  • Accelerate margins with smarter expense allocations.
  • Effortlessly change calculations as the business grows.


  • Observe performance measures from diverse business perspectives (chart of accounts, cost centres, departments).
  • Easily build reports for executive meetings.
  • Achieve comprehensive visibility into the details of the business.


  • Accelerate profits by aligning investments against key profitability drivers.
  • Build models to analyze various business dimensions concurrently.


Technology that aligns to processes

Anaplan's single platform links each department's business processes, whether it's layering in time dimensions across departments or rapidly translating KPIs across geographies and departments



  • Drive forward thinking, data driven planning with integrated operational plans.
  • Roll-up the details for aggregated views of the forecast and historical performance.
  • Combine plans with management metrics, executive reporting, and corporate reporting.


  • Create operational plans instantly based on historical data that delivers plans, budgets and alerts when numbers exceed thresholds.
  • Spend less time aggregating reports and more time completing analysis and making adjustments to maintain alignment to strategic goals.
  • Run scenarios, simulations and what ifs based on real time operational data that is accurate and up to date.


  • Reduces the time and manual manipulation required to effectively model sale and associated costs.
  • Effortlessly analyze the data with easy to manage modules. Transferring costs is made easy with formulas that make transfers visible and speedy.
  • Share models across departments (Retail - finance, merchandising, store, supply, distribution).
  • Test operating plans by quickly answering "what if" questions on different scenarios.


Completing and Closing the Loop in Sales

Ensure achieving perfection while working on territorial alignment, quotas, management, pipeline forecasting, settings of sales targets and commissions calculation in a state of the art mechanism through a seamlessly connected set of applications. Keeping all of your business rules and sales data in one hub while sales and finance stay synchronized, plan adjustments are made on the fly, and sales processes are streamlined for optimal performance.